International Association of Authentic Financial Planner

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FPS Certification

Member Qualification

FPS Professional Qualification

To earn the FPS designation, you must demonstrate completion of education and experience requirements. And certified individuals must as well meet ethics requirements. Moreover, to retain the designation, you must maintain ongoing continuing education.

Here as below is FPS’ professional qualification

1. Academic Education

2. Working Experience

3. Professional Training

4. Certified Examination

5. Ethics

6. Business Pact

7. Continuing Education 


Occupational Pact

1. Conduct continuing education to enhance professionalism.

2. Never mislead clients with investment return guaranteed.

3. Be dedicated to keep confidential for clients’ information with no leakage behavior allowed.

4.  Obey all the rules and regulations, and avoid any illegal practices.

5. Act for client’s best interests to provide professional service.

6. Considerate client’s best interests and needs as first priority.